Post Holiday Doldrumoids

January 2, 2014

duldromoid5 450

We’ve always known of their existence, but for the first time ever, caught in mid listless, despondency, is what experts commonly refer to as the Post-holiday Doldrumoid…in the flesh……or rather, in the doodle.

No matter. It’s official. We have a Doldrumoid pandemic on our hands. They are here and we have got to deal with them.

Some effective methods for coping with these ubiquitous yet unwelcome creatures are as follows:

1. Ignore them. Doldrumoids have been known to eventually lose interest in their host and reluctantly disappear after a week or two.

2. Keep that crunchy Christmas tree up for another month, along with the exterior icicle lights and the inflatable snow globe on your lawn. Do this while ignoring the fact that the holidays are over. This method seems to keep the Doldrumoids at bay, but leaves the door wide open for Lackus Deselfrespectus spors to take hold.

There are no easy answers, but…

3. For those of us who need to get back to business… pronto, there are some drastic measures that can be implemented. Take tree and exterior lights down, box up Christmas decorations, shove said boxes up in garage rafters, eat salad, go to the gym and then actually make that deadline for your employer/client as opposed to staring blankly at the computer monitor (close mouth, wipe drool off chin, mind don’t get any on the keyboard.)

In the event none of the above methods prove effective, one can always hold on until February 14 when a virulent strain of Guiltus Cupidus overcomes the weakened Doldrumoids, offering minimal relief to some sufferers.

This has been an important public service announcement. You may now return to your regularly scheduled program. Thank you.


Another redraw and a repost from a few years ago. Thought it might be apropos.


10 Responses to “Post Holiday Doldrumoids”

  1. Treeeeeezha Says:

    Even though the Doldrumoid is adorable, I say, put all the Chrimas stuff away and then get back to work but enjoy a nightcap each night to wean off the holiday parties eh?

  2. Love that guy! I enjoy the days after the last holiday. . . no more performance expectations. I just decorate the tree with white lights and red birds and leave it up until valentines day. Ha!

    • sketched out Says:

      Ha Kathryn! Another great idea! I did put everything away, except for a little redwood tree with lights that we put in the corner of the family room. Gonna keep it out for another week, at least!

  3. studio lolo Says:

    OMG you crack me up!!!!!! Lackus Selfrespectus? hahahahaha!!!!!! I just love you♥

  4. Kevin Parks Says:

    Pure awesome sauce on a biscuit. I’m not sure which is better the art or the prose, -love the way your mind works.

  5. october moon Says:

    Oh, what a wonderful post! And adorable illustration as well! Thanks for putting a smile on my face. 😀

  6. This guy is so cool. I love your illustrations.

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