April 26, 2014

ladybug 450 rev3


Feigning death among man-bugs is quite common when asked this particular question, according to leading entomologists. It is only the brave or perhaps feeble-minded who would hazard an answer.


6 Responses to “Laaaaady!”

  1. Love the details, as always: ripple in the carpet, yeah.

  2. artseafartsea Says:

    Where do u come up with these? Too funny. Love the tiny purse.

  3. joyee14 Says:

    Awww this is lovely cute !!!

  4. Angel Says:

    I love it. I agree with artseafartsea, how do you come up with these? So, cute.

  5. Ha ha! “Manbug!” Thanks for the smile!

  6. Fantastic! I laughed out loud. Great share. 🙂

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