SkADaMo 2014 Day 2

November 2, 2014

fowl weather Skadamo

Friday night, Halloween night, it rained for the first time in, like, forever!

It poured!

It was miraculous and life affirming!

It was marvelous!

Was looking forward to more precipitation, but nooooooo. The sun shone mockingly back at me today.

Maybe tomorrow we’ll get some “fowl” weather.

What is SkADaMo? Check it out here.


8 Responses to “SkADaMo 2014 Day 2”

  1. You in southern CA with the bad brought?

  2. jacquipp Says:

    Love him, so cool

  3. chuckle, a delightful duck

  4. sketched out Says:

    Hee hee, thanks, Cecilia!

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