SkADaMo 2014 Day5

November 5, 2014



Inspired by this and this.

I mean, just saying the words make me smile!

By the way, wondering what SkADaMo is? Check this out.


16 Responses to “SkADaMo 2014 Day5”

  1. OMG! You MUST make a book from this! And I’ll take 5 copies!

  2. artseafartsea Says:

    Veddy interesting.

  3. I know this month is supposed to be fun and productive, so I’ll have to stop looking at your clever ideas, or I’ll never post again. Ha! I bet you could be an editorial illustrator churning out great ideas every day!
    – Starstruck in Illinois

    • sketched out Says:

      Your stuff is always wonderful, Kathryn. I’m looking forward to seeing more of it! I actually did do a bit of editorial illustration, back in the day. It does keep you on your toes!

  4. Ha! This made me laugh! You’re so clever. I just love it when I get a Sketched Out notice in my Inbox!!!

  5. writingbolt Says:

    The varieties of dog-bird/dird are more amusing than the cat-owls/meowls (or cowls?). But, I agree with Julie. Your drawing is overall nicer than the majority of the photos.

    It’s something I’d doodle when others claim to be bored. I have drawn some funny turtles and a fly that swats people. [But, I don’t have those available for show.]

    As for this Sketch-o-ramo business, it looks like another holiday for people to complain about like Valentine’s when some say they should be treated that way all year:P Hey, guess what, people? It’s November; so make sure you draw 24/7 before December comes! Then, put it all away and get ready to get drunk before forgetting the rest of the year. In this case, I am with the Valentine haters. We should be doodling and discussing/sharing thoughts all year. Not just in November:)

    • sketched out Says:

      I agree that it’s great to sketch all year and I definitely try to. But I have to say, I do like a push once in a while, which is why I like these yearly challenges. It’s not for everyone, but I always get something out of it.

      • writingbolt Says:

        I suppose if you have the “holiday spirit” for it. And, the more I “poo poo” and don’t try myself, the worse I feel, later. I know I am missing out on some things. But, I’ve had my parade rained on so many times doing my own thing. And, I never was a great joiner/follower. As I grew into my teens, it became about trusting the wrong people/reputations. Now, I’m a lil paranoid.

        I’d be more likely to participate if I had someone I knew do the challenge with me…like the old grade school days.

  6. JG Says:

    Really fun creature – and it looks content, if only tolerating the dirds!

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