Pygmy Possum

April 30, 2015

pygmy possum sketches

Pygmy possum, Perry, pathetically pining for pepperoni pizza pie, previously.

Sorry, the name just begs for further alliteration, don’t you think.

Want to add to it? You know you do.

So whilst researching for numbats I stumbled upon this wee Australian denizen and, well, just look at this. He’s already a cartoon! How can you not draw him? All the work is already done!

An added bonus, Illustration Friday‘s word this week is “tense.” I think this little guy seems a bit on edge, so off he goes to be submitted to IF, just under the wire.


3 Responses to “Pygmy Possum”

  1. Great cute sketch 🙂 Possums are usually pretty cool. Does pepperoni pizza pie exist?

  2. writingbolt Says:

    I-I have a t-t-twisted tale to tell. If y-you can spare the time, unwind with me. And, I will tell you a tale of misery and woe… You know the rest. I need not tame the shrew.

  3. Omg this is so freaking adorable, you rock!

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