A Year Ago…

August 15, 2022

Marion E. Glennon – October 28, 1930 – August 15, 2021

Remembering my beloved mom on this day, the first anniversary of her passing. 

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve reached for my phone to ask her advice, get her take on the latest political news, fill her in on some interesting tidbit or send a photo of a doe with her fawns in my yard. (She would have gotten such a kick out of the deer.) There are still times I grab something while shopping because I think she might like it. I don’t mind these quirks because it makes me feel close to her still. 

Although I may be feeling a bit unmoored by her physical absence I do also feel absolutely grateful to have had her in my life as long as I did. It was such a gift and as many kind folks have wished for me and my family, her memory is truly a blessing.