a runcible spoon?

August 27, 2008

So I was sitting around sketching at lunch and “The Owl and the Pussycat” just popped onto the page. Only problem is, I got them mixed up. The Owl is supposed to be the one playing guitar. Oh, well, I imagine after more than a century, the kitty would like get some licks in.

Get it… licks… guitar licks… and kitties lick themselves?

Yeah, fine, whatever, I’m going to bed.

by Edward Lear

The Owl and the Pussycat went to sea
In a beautiful pea-green boat,
They took some honey, and plenty of money,
Wrapped up in a five pound note.

The Owl looked up to the stars above,
And sang to a small guitar,
“O lovely Pussy! O Pussy, my love,
What a beautiful Pussy you are, you are, you are,
What a beautiful Pussy you are.” Read the rest of this entry »


August 1, 2008

Penelope Kellogg,
married a bull-frog.
hoping he’d become a prince.

When she planted a kiss
on his future highness,
he turned into a blintz!


The Illustration Friday theme this week is “Poof!”

As I wondered and wondered what to do for this weeks theme… POOF!… I remembered an old post I could re-purpose!

It’s the first time I ever submitted an Illustration Friday… on a Friday!


April 26, 2008


This fellow I know,
a rotund rhino,
finds grazing completely preposterous.

Prefers reading sonnets,
to birds sitting on it,
forgetting to be a rhinoserous.


The Illustration Friday theme this week is “Wrinkles.” Read the rest of this entry »

naked as a jaybird

April 12, 2008


I woke up with a start today,
because my dream went wayward.
I dreamt I went to my first class,
naked as a jaybird.


“Naked as a jaybird” seems an odd phrase, especially when you consider the blue jay is quite nicely outfitted in blue, feathery, finery. However, I couldn’t really tell you the origin of this idiom, although some folks speculate that the term may have something to do with the youngsters of the jay family.  Baby jays, featherless, (naked, you might say) have a tendency to get so overexcited and impatient about getting out there and flying, that they sometimes clumsily plop right out of their nests. So, I suppose we can just go with that one, unless anyone out there can unlock the secret.

Hee hee, little naked jaybirds scrambling about on the ground, waiting for mama jay to bail them out. How embarrassing, eh? Wonder if they ever dreamt that would happen.



pet peeve

March 23, 2008



My day starts out blissfully, bright and content,
an excellent start, I believe.
I drive down the road with a song in my heart.
Oh how could I be so naive?

The woman in front of me picks up her cell,
causing her Hummer to weave.
The guy to my rear feels the need to tail gate.
ME OFF, they are starting to peeve!


The Illustration Friday theme this week is “Pet Peeves.”

This week I played around with some Photoshop free brushes offered by Alex Dukal. He is a wonderful artist. Drop by and take a peek at his work. I can’t wait to really dig in and utilize his brushes in the future, they are brilliant.

Oh and by the way, I was directed to these brushes by my blogging buddy Angela, over at Angelato. While your at it, stop by her blog as well. You won’t be disappointed.


March 14, 2008



Our neighbor’s orange tabby,
was quite big and flabby,
because he did nothing but eat.

He’d gobble and nibble
on tuna and kibble,
‘till soon he could not see his feet.

The Illustration Friday theme this week is “Heavy.”


I can’t seem to figure out which medium I am the most comfortable with, so I agonize over a couple different ones. The top one was done in Adobe Illustrator and brought into Photoshop. The bottom image (unfinished,) was done with Carb Othello pastel pencils on Canson charcoal paper. I’ve also tried watercolor with pastel and am currently struggling with gouache.

Maybe one of these days I’ll hone in on one and be done with it.


(click to enlarge)


March 1, 2008

Delilah had a runny nose,
that made her cough and sneeze.
It was quite red and sniffley,
because of allergies.

Day and night her nose would run.
It caused her such disgrace.
Until one day her runny nose,
just ran right off her face.

It leaped into her lap and then
it hopped onto the floor.
Delilah watched her own nose make
a bee-line for the door.

It’s been a while and time has passed,
since her nose was set free.
Delilah doesn’t mind at all,
There’s no more allergy!


It just might take a leap of faith to buy this story of a leaping nose, but the Illustration Friday theme this week is “Leap,” so what recourse did I have?


February 12, 2008


Got up this morning just to find,
the sun was dark and blue.
I had to go to school today,
because I had the flu.

My dog meowed, my kitty squeaked,
my mouse let off a roar.
I realized my feet were on
the ceiling not the floor.

Mom asked for my permission,
Dad asked for my advice.
My sister was considerate,
not only once, but twice.

I heard a very funny joke,
that made me sad and tearful.
But when I fell and skinned my knee,
I felt so glad and cheerful.

I have to go to bed because,
it is now broad daylight,
then wake up fresh and lively,
in the middle of the night.

I’m not sure what is happening,
things are not as they seem.
My eyes are open, I’m awake
and yet I’m in a dream.


February 11, 2008



They say that French poodles
are fond of egg noodles
and dachshunds love limburger cheese.

A pug will finagle
cream cheese on a bagel
when not busy scratching his fleas.

Featured are a couple of the many delectible treats dogs have to choose from, for this week’s Illustration Friday theme “Choice.”

ceiling the deal

February 1, 2008



Eddy Van Schmeeling,
hung from the celing,
causing his mother to frown.

“Get down boy!” she pled.
Then smiling he said,
“Why mom? You’re the one upside down!”



Today I feel very honored and humbled because in addition to recieving the “You Make My Day” award from Roberta Baird of “A Mouse in the House,” last week, a few more of my blogger buddies, Kim Coles of “I’m With Sully”, Julia, of “Bobo Miow” and Alicia Padrón of “My Place Over the Hill” bestowed the “You Make My Day” award upon me over the past week.

All four of these ladies have made this whole blogging experience so much fun and along with a whole bunch of other folks, have made me feel like I’m part of a big, fat, creative community, that I just love! Thanks guys!

Here is how it works:
1. Write a post with links to 5 blogs that make me think and/or make my day.
2. Acknowledge the post of the award giver.
3. Display the “You Make my Day Award” logo with a link to the post that I wrote. (Optional)
4. Tell the award winners that they have won by commenting on their blogs with the news.

So now I pick 5 people who make my day. Not an easy thing to do, since there are a bunch of you guys who have kick butt blogs and who stop by and give tons of encouragement. But here goes:

Colleen of The Frog Blog

Angela of Angelato

Eugenia Gina of dua mata saya

Eli of Art by Eli

Radha of Ratlion’s Den

All 5 are seriously talented and just a bunch of really nice folk. Thanks to all!

tales and legends

January 28, 2008



I was craving garlic pizza,
so I grabbed my trusty bike,
and peddled off to Lou’s Place,
where they have the kind I like.

Rushing home, my luck turned sour.
I blew out my front tire.
As I stopped to check it out
I saw my first vampire.

He snuck out from the shadows
of the jacaranda tree,
and hovered just above the ground
while making eyes at me.

He smiled at me with sneery lips,
and stared his vampire stare.
Then floated over to me.
Man he gave me such a scare!

I pretended not to notice,
that his eyes were glowing red.
But he knew that I was frightened.
You can’t fool those darn un-dead.

I figured I was done for
as he flashed his gleaming fangs.
Then I got this great idea
when I felt some hunger pangs.

Remembering I bought some
garlic pizza from Lou’s Place,
I grabbed it from my bike rack
and I shoved it in his face!

The vampire’s eyes shot open!
Oh he croaked just like a toad!
My trusty garlic pizza
caused the vampire to explode!

The Illustration Friday theme this week is “Tales and Legends.”


January 25, 2008



Because he was wise,
the owl would advise
on the great many things that he knew.

But his friends began fearing
he had trouble hearing.
When they called him by name, he’d ask “who?”

can you hear meow?

January 16, 2008



My cat is annoyed,
turned his back to avoid,
with not so much as meow.

His one ear turns back,
as I pour out his snack.
Hello, can you hear me now?


January 10, 2008



She has snowy white fur
and a deafening purr.
Her toes are like pink pearl erasers.

Although painfully shy,
she can be bribed by,
the soft ripened brie she much prefers.


The image of a ballerina came to mind, yesterday, while staring at Iggy’s feets. Staring at her pink toes and pristeen white feet fur and admiring the otherworldly grace she’s been known to exibit while padding across the fireplace mantle. She ambles along this 3 inch wide path, past tons of chachkis and photos, with nary an item knocking over.

The girl’s got grace.

Of course, when I have to rescue a terrified, de-tailed lizard from under our bed, one of many she proudly trotts into the house, the ballerina image dissipates rapidly.



January 8, 2008



She sings for the crowd,
and feels very proud
of a voice that can shatter glass.

But rather than cheers,
the crowd plugs their ears,
She sounds like she’s full of hot gas.


Despite what others think, our heroine perseveres. She gives it everything she’s got. She gives 100%. That and some Beano might help her reach her ultimate goal, and if not, at least she’ll never need to ask that burning question…”what if?”

Illustration Friday’s theme this week is 100%.