SkADaMo Day 14

November 14, 2012


… and he sticks the landing!

Another PiBoIdMo brainstorm.

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His form gets a little sloppy towards the end, but… HE STICKS THE LANDING!

So, in an effort to continue studying and practicing action and consistency of character while keeping the sketching pace loose and spontaneous, this little back-flipping bunny just hopped write onto the page of my sketch book. And that would have been just great, if I hadn’t then, gone home and started getting all persnickety with it, which sort of defeats the purpose of this exercise. No matter. It was fun.

I think I may study the actual body movement of a back flip and see if, in the future, I can maybe revisit this acrobatic furball and improve his form. What with the Olympics being just around the corner and all. In the mean time, I am enjoying the process… and TRYING to be looser and more spontaneous.