a fool… any month

April 1, 2017


Girding loins for possible incoming spoofs, high jinx or shenanigans. In the mean time, lacking creativity with the pranks, my contribution is reposting this.


fools errand

Don’t take any wooden nickels today, y’all!

SkADaMo 2014 Day 4

November 4, 2014

skadamo voted bear

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SkADaMo 2014 Day 3

November 3, 2014

bear vote


What is SkADaMo? Check it out here.



May 12, 2014


1. Ducks do not make good leaders. Although they are arguably among the most optimistic of species, it is due in no small part to their chronic shortsightedness.

2. However, if you need to be bailed out, a bunny is the first critter you should call.

3. Bears will sink your boat.


October 6, 2011


Conversation between my husband and I, a few years ago, after arriving at Sequoia National Park’s Wuksachi Lodge.

Linda: “Did we get all the food out of the trunk? I don’t want to wake up to bears raiding our car.”

Tom: “Yes, we got it all.”

Linda: “Are you sure? Because bears can smell any little thing. Even gum.”

Tom: “I think we’ll be fine honey.”

Linda: “Wait, there are some vitamin waters left in the cooler.”

Tom (slightly less patient): “It’ll be fine.”

Linda (becoming slightly shrill): “Bears can smell through plastic. Rangers told me that once.”

Tom: “Hold on a minute, it’s winter. Aren’t bears supposed to hibernate in winter?”

Linda: “OH YEAH! Hee hee. That’s right… whew.”

Linda: “… Wait! You know, there may be some early risers.”

Tom: “I’ll bring the vitamin waters in.”


When I saw the Illustration Friday theme this week was hibernate, I remembered a post I did back in 2008 while on vacation.

I remember, blogging almost every single day at the time and actually brought along with my laptop, a scanner, so I could scan and upload any sketches I did while at the lodge. Oh to be that committed again.

Anywho, I threw some color on the old sketch and reposted, once again, at the last minute.

propagating adrift

February 22, 2010

Let’s see. How does the above image illustrate this week’s Illustration Friday theme, propagate?

Does it have anything to do with this?
1 : to cause to continue or increase by sexual or asexual reproduction.

Ummmm, nope.

Does it illustrate this?
2 : to pass along to offspring.

Hmmm, I don’t think so.

How about this?
3 : to cause to spread out and affect a greater number or greater area : extend.

No, I’m afraid not.

Oh! I remember now. I did this illustration for last week’s adrift.  Silly me.

Guess I better get working on something for this weeks prompt, eh?