It’s Been a while

July 28, 2021

This may be the longest I’ve gone without posting. Allow me to remedy that with some bugs.



April 26, 2014

ladybug 450 rev3


Feigning death among man-bugs is quite common when asked this particular question, according to leading entomologists. It is only the brave or perhaps feeble-minded who would hazard an answer.

I drove up the coast to Ventura to visit my mom tonight. We have a weekly, standing date. As we strolled along the Harbor, after a nice seafood dinner, I detected the annoying, whiny hum of mosquito. A few moments later, I was barely able to walk, as I was desperately scratching myself like a flea-ridden dog. All in all it was still a lovely visit, but as I sat down to sketch, there was only one thing on my mind.

fly slayer

September 27, 2007


Right after the Autumnal Equinox, year after year, as if on cue, our home becomes housefly central for a day or two. It’s not a gradual thing either. Tuesday night, after work, I managed to fix myself a little snack without incident. However the very next night, while attempting to fix dinner, several flies circled my head in what seemed like a holding pattern, while many more of their comrades paced across the cutting board with their nasty little bug feet. At least 50 or 60 flies crawled, flitted and buzzed over every inch of our kitchen. One even got stuck in the butter!

“That’s it!” Tom growled. “This is war!”

He grabbed an old Bonny Doon Wine Club pamphlet, and started Read the rest of this entry »