June 27, 2010

After successfully landing on that satellite we call the moon, Neil Rabbitsfootstrong was famously quoted as saying “One small step for a bunny, one giant hop for rabbitkind.”

The Illustration Friday theme this week is satellite.


March 2, 2008


Like I haven’t been grouchy enough the past week or so, but now robots are stalking me.

No, it’s not that 24 hour brain tumor acting up again, causing me paranoid hallucinations. I am literally plagued by robots. They’ve been filling up my IM buddy list for some time now and this weekend these pesky things started following me on Twitter. Three of them this weekend. It’s making me cranky.

I know, it’s harmless, but in my relative ignorance to this whole phenomenon, I feel vulnerable to possible malicious bot attack. It could happen, you know.

Well, it could.

Wikipedia says this about Internet Robots. See what you think.

Anyway speaking of bots, the SFG challenge this week is “Mechanical,” so I thought I’d throw a Bunny Bot into the mix. These guys thrive on the color orange, especially the type derived from keratin, found in carrots. They are used largely for egg distribution and not much else. So the debate still rages on whether or not to continue shipping eggs via truck or Bunny Bot.

Seems to me it may be greener to go BB.