I’ve been slacking on the posting lately, so…

… attempted fan art, I have!







With snowy white fur,
and a deafening purr,
her toes are like a pink pearl erasers.

My Ignatz is shy,
but you cannot deny,
she’s the great lizard hunter and chaser.


This kitty-ballerina image came to mind a last year while staring at my kitty, Iggy’s feets. I studied admiringly, her pristeen white fur and pink toes, bringing to mind the white tights and pink shoes of a prima ballerina. That along with an almost preternatural grace she’s been known to exhibit, while padding, almost toe dancing across the fireplace mantle. She lithely slinks along this 3 inch wide path, past tons of chachkis and photos, with nary an item being knocked over.

The girl’s got mad grace-skills!

Of course, when I have to rescue a terrified, de-tailed lizard from under our bed, one of many she proudly trots into the house, the ballerina image dissipates rapidly. –Sigh.


Click to get better look at Iggy’s feets!

Hey! This might be my very first post to Illustration Friday… on Friday!!!! WeeEeeeEEE! Ok, ok, I know, it’s because this is a repost. But I think you’ll agree it’s a good fit for “Poise” and I did punch up the rhyme and reworded the whole thing a bit. That counts, right?

six word memoir

March 28, 2008


I was invited by my friend Laurel of Studio Lolo fame, to write a six word memoir. A bit of a challenge, but for Laurel, I’ll give it a try.

Here are the rules:

1. Write a six word memoir and post it on your blog. Feel free to add an image.

2. Link your post to the person who tagged you.

3. Tag 5 more people and link to them.

4. Comment on the tagged blogs and invite them to participate…no pressure (0;

I’m inviting friends and family, because they are writers and they will still like me, even if I tag them… I hope.

Visual Kaos

Artsea Fartsea



Words Incognito

Here is my six word memoir:



Head in clouds… feet on ground.




February 2, 2008



So my brother, sister and I were just over at Linda’s posing for a drawing she’s doing for that Iteration Fry Day thing. We were in the process of this magnanimous act, when we overheard something about you human types kicking around the “pigskin” tomorrow.

Oh no you didn’t just say kicking around the pigskin!

I mean, haven’t we pigs given you humans enough already? All we of the swine persuasion ever do is give, give, give and what do we get in return? We get kicked around a field of fake grass for a couple of hours while you, you apes sit around watching this travesty, shouting obscenities, while stuffing your faces full of nachos and chili dogs.

Degrading! That’s what it is!

I mean, I have half a mind to….oh, hold on a second. Excuse me? What?

Um, I’ve just been informed that pigskin is just an expression. It’s actually cowhide you’ll be kicking around tomorrow. Whatever.


ceiling the deal

February 1, 2008



Eddy Van Schmeeling,
hung from the celing,
causing his mother to frown.

“Get down boy!” she pled.
Then smiling he said,
“Why mom? You’re the one upside down!”



Today I feel very honored and humbled because in addition to recieving the “You Make My Day” award from Roberta Baird of “A Mouse in the House,” last week, a few more of my blogger buddies, Kim Coles of “I’m With Sully”, Julia, of “Bobo Miow” and Alicia Padrón of “My Place Over the Hill” bestowed the “You Make My Day” award upon me over the past week.

All four of these ladies have made this whole blogging experience so much fun and along with a whole bunch of other folks, have made me feel like I’m part of a big, fat, creative community, that I just love! Thanks guys!

Here is how it works:
1. Write a post with links to 5 blogs that make me think and/or make my day.
2. Acknowledge the post of the award giver.
3. Display the “You Make my Day Award” logo with a link to the post that I wrote. (Optional)
4. Tell the award winners that they have won by commenting on their blogs with the news.

So now I pick 5 people who make my day. Not an easy thing to do, since there are a bunch of you guys who have kick butt blogs and who stop by and give tons of encouragement. But here goes:

Colleen of The Frog Blog

Angela of Angelato

Eugenia Gina of dua mata saya

Eli of Art by Eli

Radha of Ratlion’s Den

All 5 are seriously talented and just a bunch of really nice folk. Thanks to all!

tails and legends II

January 30, 2008


Get it? Get it?

You see the Illustration Friday theme this week is Tales and Legends and he has a tail and the map has a legend, get it? Hee heeee heeeeeee…ok, I’m going to bed now.

tales and legends

January 28, 2008



I was craving garlic pizza,
so I grabbed my trusty bike,
and peddled off to Lou’s Place,
where they have the kind I like.

Rushing home, my luck turned sour.
I blew out my front tire.
As I stopped to check it out
I saw my first vampire.

He snuck out from the shadows
of the jacaranda tree,
and hovered just above the ground
while making eyes at me.

He smiled at me with sneery lips,
and stared his vampire stare.
Then floated over to me.
Man he gave me such a scare!

I pretended not to notice,
that his eyes were glowing red.
But he knew that I was frightened.
You can’t fool those darn un-dead.

I figured I was done for
as he flashed his gleaming fangs.
Then I got this great idea
when I felt some hunger pangs.

Remembering I bought some
garlic pizza from Lou’s Place,
I grabbed it from my bike rack
and I shoved it in his face!

The vampire’s eyes shot open!
Oh he croaked just like a toad!
My trusty garlic pizza
caused the vampire to explode!

The Illustration Friday theme this week is “Tales and Legends.”