Tom and I went to a baseball game tonight, (Dodgers vs. Angels,) for the first time in a long, long while. We took off for the stadium right after work, so we were tired and famished. However, after wolfing down a couple of Dodge Dogs, peanuts, beer and partaking in several waves we were completely in the spirit of things.

Things have changed a bit since the last time I was at a game. For one, there are screens everywhere, so you don’t miss a single play. Especially if you are like me and become easily distracted. Also, the peanut vendors, well they’re still there, but they have competition. Some guy was hawking California Pizza Kitchen mini pizzas. I was waiting to see him toss one at a customer, but no dice. Only peanuts get tossed I guess.

Dodgers kicked some Angel arse, by the way.

Got home late and figured I better squeeze out a sketch. So Mr. Bunny obliged by posing as a Dodger pitcher. Of course, he could have dispensed with the chew. We really don’t have to be all THAT authentic, do we?