SkADaMo 2014 Day5

November 5, 2014



Inspired by this and this.

I mean, just saying the words make me smile!

By the way, wondering what SkADaMo is? Check this out.



August 12, 2011

My first attempt at animating some of my characters. So, animated gifs are not the most perfect way to go about it, but it kind of works, eh?

Today gifs, tomorrow Flash. Sheesh, this could get addicting.

Oh, and this might be an imperfect fit for the Illustration Friday theme, but hey, that never stopped me before.


February 11, 2008



They say that French poodles
are fond of egg noodles
and dachshunds love limburger cheese.

A pug will finagle
cream cheese on a bagel
when not busy scratching his fleas.

Featured are a couple of the many delectible treats dogs have to choose from, for this week’s Illustration Friday theme “Choice.”


October 26, 2007


I often encounter this annoying, yet ongoing argument: What critters makes the best pets? Some feel it is the loyal, unconditionally loving canine, while others insist it is the self reliant, yet snuggly feline. An aquarium of colorful fish can be stress-relieving and very healing to the soul. Parrots, though they may have ear piercing squawks, never seem to tire of entertaining antics.

How about a nice moist amphibian?

Frankly, I’m not sure why folks engage in such pointless arguments. Any critter willing to put up with us humans is alright in my book, (although I don’t believe fish have much of a choice.)

Anyway, as this thought rattled around my caffeine deprived head this morning, an image presented itself to my sketchpad.

Meet Catbunfrobirdishpup.

Catbunfrobirdishpup may not settle any pet related arguments, but he/she was darned fun to draw.