Tonight, we eat like kings!

September 23, 2014


Autumn! My favorite time of the year!

I’m not exactly what you would call a football fan, although I’m trying this year. And by trying I mean learning what a down is… yeah, I’m that behind.

I am, however, very excited by the prospect of cooler temps and therefore many forays into the kitchen to attack new recipes.

Oh, and Halloween! Did I mention Halloween?


Today, we eat like kings!

An oldie from last year but seems appropriate for the day!

I’ll be back to SkADaMo tomorrow. But just in case there are some die hard SkADaMoeres out there, you can check here.

SkADaMo Day 27

November 27, 2012

Tonight, we eat like kings!

So, like, I missed yesterday, so I did two squirrels for the price of one. Such a deal!

Hey, stop on by and check out my fellow SkADaMoers here!


February 2, 2008



So my brother, sister and I were just over at Linda’s posing for a drawing she’s doing for that Iteration Fry Day thing. We were in the process of this magnanimous act, when we overheard something about you human types kicking around the “pigskin” tomorrow.

Oh no you didn’t just say kicking around the pigskin!

I mean, haven’t we pigs given you humans enough already? All we of the swine persuasion ever do is give, give, give and what do we get in return? We get kicked around a field of fake grass for a couple of hours while you, you apes sit around watching this travesty, shouting obscenities, while stuffing your faces full of nachos and chili dogs.

Degrading! That’s what it is!

I mean, I have half a mind to….oh, hold on a second. Excuse me? What?

Um, I’ve just been informed that pigskin is just an expression. It’s actually cowhide you’ll be kicking around tomorrow. Whatever.