SkADaMo 2017 post 10

November 29, 2017


Back after a wee Thanksgiving break!



July 30, 2008

Bunnirooism is a condition suffered by many bunnies in Australia. It is described as an identity crisis of sorts and can be quite a problem for the bunnies down under. Symptoms of bunnirooism can range from mild to extreme. In fact, at it’s worst, bunnies have been known to wake up inside strange pouches, completely disoriented, causing annoyance and agitation to the host kangaroo.

Experts are in disagreement about the validity of bunnirooism. Some claim this behavior is actually due to the pathological laziness in some bunnies, driving them to feign the condition in hopes of hitchhiking rides to Java Juice Bars and back to their respective hutches. This leaves the kangaroo host exhausted, but has significantly boosted sales at many juice bars in the country.