HoHoDooDa 2017 fin

December 31, 2017


happy gnu year 2018

I’m not going to wish 2018 to be a good year, I’m going to make it a good year, dammit!

Happy Gnu Year to all of you wonderful people! Love you!


HoHoDooDa Revisited

December 30, 2013

bunny New Year resolutions450

HoHoDooDa got a bit waylaid for me about midway. So completely caught up in the wonder the whimsey the crazy that is Christmas but now re-emerging from the holiday wackiness with a huge list of resolutions clutched in my fist.

Welcome 2012!

December 31, 2011

Happy Happy Happy New (and Gnu) Year to everyone!!!

Along with 2011 ending so too concludes HoHoDooDa.

It was a fun ride and I want to thank everyone who followed along and cheered us on. I also want to thank Marion and Laura for being such great partners, for their support and for their many, many wonderful sketches. It really made this holiday season all the more special!


December 31, 2010

My long laundry list of New Year’s resolutions has within it a promise to blow my own horn more!

Woooooooot! Hoooooot! Toooooooooot!

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! 2011 is going to be the year! Wooooooooo!


January 2, 2010

Post-holiday Doldrumoid (as seen through a microscope.)


The beginning of the year renewal process never arrives without some minor inconveniences. This year is no different and the inconvenience comes in the form of a furry, horned, jingle-belled pest known as the Post-holiday Doldrumoid.

To find out more about this year’s unwelcome guest and pick up some helpful hints on how to cope with him and his kind, click this link and stop by the Doodle Diner… and pick up some delicious doodles whilst you’re there.


January 2, 2008


The Illustration Friday theme for this week is “Soar…”

…and who among us, upon being asked to depict “soaring”, hasn’t conjured up an image of the quintessential icon of grace and all that is lofty, the flying wiener dog?

Who, I ask you?

Just me, you say?

Ahem…well, ok then.

Just moments ago, our backyard was visited by three raccoons. This visitation was heralded by the guttural caterwauling of Joey our big black kitty. Joey has made it clear he is not nearly as entertained by the masked interlopers as Tom and I are. We gently shush Joey, trying to make sure he doesn’t scare the coons away. But they’re too smart. They know we’re there watching them, and they put on a short but sweet little show of waddling and clowning before they scamper off into the night.

So, I choose to interpret the apperance of our three guests as a good omen for 2008. In fact, I plan to, as often as possible, soar through this next year with all the good humor, grace and hopefulness of the beloved flying wiener dog herself.

Happy New Year everyone!