August 18, 2008

I’m feeling a bit detached this week.

Hanging out at the mall this weekend, I observed the legions of fellow detached humans and scrawled out a very rough impression.

Detached? Or are they? I don’t know anymore. They seem to be attached to someone, but certainly not the one they are physically with.

What do you think?


I spent all day art directing a photo shoot for a fine men’s clothing client’s catalog (say that three times.) I’m thouroughly enjoying myself, since this particular photographer, the stylist and I work really well together and have become fast friends. If there is a down side, it is that I haven’t had much time to sketch. I did manage to scrawl out this attempt at a forced perspective, monstery dude, in ball point pen.

I’ll be at the shoot for two more days, so I imagine there will be more scratchy, ball point pen scrawls to come.

scooter buns

March 4, 2008


A quick, rough sketch tonight, running out of time… times flies and so, apparently do Easter Bunnies on a tight schedule.