HoHoDooDa Day 3 or 9?

December 9, 2020

Puns, like life, are a matter of perspective.


HoHoDooDa 2019 Day 3

December 3, 2019

Ho Ho Horsing around. (Sorry.)

Looks like the puns are here to stay.

SkADaMo 2017 Day 4

December 4, 2017

Santa Pause


HoHoDooDa Day 7 (drawing 5)

December 7, 2016


I’m really reaching on this pun. You might even say it’s pun-nishing. (Sorry.)

HoHoDooDa Day 6

December 6, 2015

walking in a weiner wonderland 4 card

Another freshened up oldie.




HoHoDooDa Day 3

December 3, 2015

santa claustrophobia 2

Santa Claustrophobia

HoHoDooDa 2014 Day 14

December 15, 2014

HoHoDooDa fight

The first rule of Fight Clause is: You do not talk about Fight Clause.

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HoHoDooDa 2013 Day 11

December 12, 2013

Christmas rapping 450

“Christmas Rapping”
(Click for larger view of Santa and his crew gettin’ down with their bad elves.)

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HoHoDooDa Day 27

December 27, 2012


Back after a bit of a HoHoDooDa hiatus. The doodling juices haven’t quite started flowing again yet, so I thought I’d repost last year’s aftermath sketch. My Christmas stocking had some nibs for my Wacom tablet stylus, so I’m going to have to give ’em a whirl tomorrow with some fresh doodas.

Until then, wishing you a Merry Holitween (that odd little bit of space between the holidays.)

HoHoDooDa Day 20

December 20, 2012

crunchyreindeer 450


The Illustration Friday word of the week is crunchy. So I squeaked out another quick 2 sketches to try to make up for my lagging the past couple of days.



Ok, I’m not sure where I got the idea the Illustration Friday word of the week was “crunchy.” Must have dreamt it. It’s actually “snow.” So, there’s snow in my image, so it still fits, hee hee!

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HoHoDooDa Day 10

December 10, 2012

polaroid santa 450

Santa doesn’t have an iPhone yet, so he’s taking photos old-school.

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HoHoDooDa Day 29

December 29, 2011

Had a bit of a HoHoDooDa hiatus. Christmas was absolutely lovely, but it did use up a fair amount of energy.

So, gots to recharge for 2012.


Because it’s going to be a great year! That’s why!

Let’s hear it for 2012! This is our year! Right?

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HoHoDooDa Day 20

December 20, 2011

You better watch out!

You better not swim!

Don’t splash up and down.

Or stick out your limb.

Santa Jaws is coming to town!

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HoHoDooDa Day 12

December 12, 2011

Sitting on Santa’s lap… scary.

Getting everything you want for Christmas from that scary, home-invading, cookie stealin’ dude… priceless.

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HoHoDooDa Day 11

December 11, 2011


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