Haven’t officially started any October drawing challenges but I played around with zombie fish and worm from last year’s Inktober.



October 15, 2013


So, you know, I love bunnies (and who doesn’t,) and zombies are the coolest. So, why not a zombie bunny? Well, took a peek on the Googles for zombie bunny and guess what? It’s a thing!

It’s a big fat thing! 

Who knew? Not me. I should have.

Anywho, undaunted I proceeded to add my zombunnie to the mix.

Wishing you a Scary,Happy Halloween!!

The Illustration Friday theme this week is “scary.” What is scarier than a vampire bunny?

hallowiener dog

October 16, 2008

Sick of the ubiquitous Halloween theme yet? Not me, I’m loving every minute of it. Just can’t get enough pumpkins, witches, candy corn and, of course, the ever popular, Hallowiener dog.

However, everyone has their limits. For instance, I certainly don’t envy the employees of Rite Aid or any of those Halloween specialty stores. You know, the stores that, along with the naughty nurse and sexy cop costumes, sell witches complete with flashing red eyes and irritating cackle. They also sell candy dishes with the skeleton hand, grabbing at you as you reach for peanut M&M’s or Snickers, chortling maniacally. (Hmmm, could that possibly work as behavioral mod for us Halloweencandiaholics?)

Anywho, I can just imagine, every day, these long-suffering employees going just a tiny bit more mad. Slowly but surely, being pushed to the very brink of sanity. Then… the gazillionth customer enters and ping, absentmindedly pushes a button that unleashes that one last witch cackle, that one last baleful ghostly moan or one last banshee scream, and SNAP!!

Employee goes ghostal!

Now there’s a scary thought for ya.

So, take heed, all ye who enter the inner sanctum of Halloween retail. Step lightly and resist the temptation to push yonder button, lest you unleash hell upon thee.

Ahem, so anyway, I thought I was super clever coming up with Halloweiner Dog last year, when I first posted this. That is, until I insisted on Googling it, to make sure it was, in fact, an original idea. Turns out, the whole freaking World Wide Web is lousy with Halloweiner Dogs. In fact there’s even a children’s book called Halloweiner.

Who knew?