August 18, 2020

Watching the DNC, drawing a crockadoodle, as you do.


HoHoDooDa 2017 Day 7

December 7, 2017

citizen candy cane 2

I’m really reaching on this one!

SkADaMo Day 24 (drawing 7)

November 24, 2016


What the smart turkey will be doing this November.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


May 22, 2008

What a week I’m having! No sooner do I get the snatchkee situation stabilized, when a new problem arises. Why, just last night, I spent a sleepless night, sneezing and wheezing my head off, only to find, the next morning, a darn sneezle crouched and hiding under my pillow. It was a sneezle equipped with black pepper, a feather and four nose ticklers sprouting from his knobby little head. The worst kind!

Luckily, he was so busy giggling about last night’s shenanigans, and feeling proud of the red nose and watery eyes he’d caused me, that it was very easy to just snatch him by his scrawny neck and stick him in the bathroom.

Now I have two bizarre little critters on my hands. What ever am I going to do now? Does anyone like exotic pets? They’re free.

Well, at least I’m not sneezing anymore.