October 5, 2008

He ate a great big breakfast
of sugar coated flakes,
with toast and berry jelly
and honey covered cakes.

He washed it down with soda pop
and wiped off all the crumbs.
He smiled up at the waitress,
but all she saw were gums.


The Illustration Friday theme for this week is “Sugary.’

sugar gramps

April 22, 2008

Most weekdays, around 2 p.m. you’ll find me hanging out at a ridiculously popular cafe, walking distance from where I work in the Valley. I usually sip a little coffee, (decaf these days) and do some sketching. Bunnies perhaps.

Not feeling especially moved to draw any of the customers du jour today, I did, in fact, sketch out a bunny or two. As I scrawled out a cottontail, behind me I could hear an impatient Read the rest of this entry »