Fowl Play

November 26, 2020

I don’t eat them, but I like to draw them… and puns, I love puns.


Feast ye!

November 22, 2020

Sketch/planning out my dinner (that can’t be beat)… as you do.

SkADaMo Day 24 (drawing 7)

November 24, 2016


What the smart turkey will be doing this November.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

SkADaMo Day 23 (drawing 6)

November 23, 2016


Although traveling during the Thanksgiving holiday can prove to be quite challenging, Thom felt it would be worth his while to get out of town for a few days.

SkADaMo 2013 Day 25

November 29, 2013

bloated bunnies 450

Bloated Bunnies

Yep, that’s what I was all day today. Bloated. It’s tradition.

I don’t do the shopping thing on Black Friday. But I do , in fact, bloat. So I suppose it’s really Bloat Friday… for me.

Ok, now on to Sensible Saturday, where smaller portions are the order of the day.

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Today, we eat like kings!

An oldie from last year but seems appropriate for the day!

I’ll be back to SkADaMo tomorrow. But just in case there are some die hard SkADaMoeres out there, you can check here.

SkADaMo 2013 Day 24

November 27, 2013

Plymouth rock 450


Thought I’d work in a few pilgrims in between stirring and sautéing for tomorrow.

Let’s take a peek at what the other SkADaMoers are up to over here.

Happy Day-Before Thanksgiving, y’all!

SkADaMo 2013 Day 23

November 26, 2013

Turkey vacation 450

Turkey Getaway.

What the smart turkey will be doing this November.

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SkADaMo Day 21

November 21, 2012


Or as some of us call it “Stuff-your-face-until-you-can’t-even-see-straight Day!

But seriously, thank you, everyone who has every stopped by, everyone who has ever left an inspiring comment, an insightful critique or just a hello. I am so so grateful to you all!

Happy Thanksgiving, all y’all!



So this is another redo of an older sketch, done in digital pencil as opposed to the original’s graphite pencil.

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SkADaMo Day 19

November 19, 2012

You guessed it, COLD TURKEY!

Got turkeys on the brain for some reason.

Limping along, day 19 for SkADaMo and PiBoIdMo!

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SkADaMo Day 18

November 18, 2012


So I missed another day. It happens. Still alive and kicking though! Going strong with PiBoIdMo as well!

Check out my fellow SkaDaMoer’s links at the bottom of this post, right here.


November 30, 2011

After all the lovely, salty, Thanksgiving feasting and the ensuing, weeklong grazing of leftovers, I now look in the mirror and I see a blowfish.

A blowfish!

It’s time to deflate with some nice, healthy salad, methinks.

The fact that this week’s Illustration Friday theme is “round” is no coincidence, is it?

SkADaMo Day 21

November 25, 2011

Fox with toothpick.

Shady character, up to no good or innocent (t-shirt-wearing) woodland creature, practising good dental hygiene after Thanksgiving feast?

You decide.

SkADaMo and PiBoIdMo slightly slowed down but schlogging ahead!

SkADaMo Day 20

November 23, 2011

Turkeys were often seen with and preferred the company of the vegetable-loving bunny, back in the ole Plymouth Rock days.


A quickly dashed off, but very heartfelt HAPPY THANKSGIVING to y’all!!!

SkADaMo Day 19

November 22, 2011

Got shopping, chopping, sauteing, cooking and baking on the brain.