Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 13, 2019

Valentine's Day bee 2019

V-Day seems like a good enough reason to poke my head in and say hi! Hope you’re all having a stupendous year so far!


Valentine's Day bee

valentine bunny cupid450

Little known fact: The Easter Bunny moonlights, filling in for Cupid, to get some extra scratch.

He says, “They don’t call me Dead-Eye Cottontail for nothing!
(Actually, they don’t really call him that, shhhhhh.)

valentine bunny cupid450

Little known fact: The Easter Bunny moonlights the rest of the year for some extra scratch.


Looks like I was on an inadvertent hiatus since the holidays. Ah well, what better time to poke my head up and say hey then Valentine’s Day?

Big bee hugs to all. Mind the stinger!

<3 <3 <3

February 14, 2011


February 12, 2009



This little feline seraph is my entry in Dot at Dabbled’s Anti V-Day Contest. The idea is to do something a little darker or creepier than the usual Valentine’s Day fare. Where my little friend here lacks in darkness and creepiness, he more than makes up for in sheer convenience, as he was already created last year. I added a bit of blood in hopes that one of the judges might find it kind of dark… Creepy maybe… if you squint? 

Alright, I’m tryin’ over here!


Check out Dabbled too, if you get a chance. It’s a wonderful place to visit!


February 14, 2008


So as we prepare to celebrate the day St. Valentine drove the snakes out of Ireland … no, wait, that was St. Patrick who advocated for young snakes in love and secretly married them.

Ok, I think I’m getting confused.

Well anyway, have a lovely Valentine’s Day, won’t you?


February 13, 2008


Since I’ll likely be too busy wining and dining to post anything on Valentine’s Day (hint, hint, to someone who’s name rhymes with Tom,) I thought I’d post an early Valentine to all my friends, family and blogging buddies.

Actually, you know, truth be told, the last thing I want on V-day is to find Tom and I standing around for an hour or more, in some chain restaurant, waiting for the privilage of paying twice as much for the meal as it would have cost the night before, along with hundreds of other couples who feel obligated to do the same.

Nope, not even if my waiter hands me a rose.

Tempting though that may be.

If you really must know, I’m looking forward to, picking up some chinese take-out and curling up on the couch with my honey, to watch “Alien” or “Bladerunner,” something romantic like that.


Oh, by the way, I posted for the very first time on Sugar Frosted Goodness. I’m very excited! If you’ve never been, you should check it out, it’s a great site.

Happy Valentine’s Day Eve!