SkADaMo Last Day!!!

November 30, 2013

SkADaMo button 2013 monkey winner 450

Wooo hooooo! We did it, y’all!

First of all I want to give a hearty thanks to all the folks who visited my blog, Facebook, or Twitter to support and root me on. Your comments, retweets, shares and ‘likes’ were encouraging, often funny and clever and always more than welcome. Thanks also for doing the same for my fellow SkADaMoers. You guys made the journey all the sweeter and kept me going when I was tempted to just sit and eat a whole bag of chips while watching goofy, but time wasting kitty antics on YouTube.

I may have only completed 25 sketches in 30 days, but that’s 25 more sketches than I would have done otherwise.

In fact, to all my fellow SkADaMoers:

You decided to step a bit out of your comfort zone this November, dip your toe into a challenge. Maybe you did one sketch, or 5, 10 or all 30. Whatever number you managed to do… You. Are. A. Winner!

Why? “Why am I a winner no matter how many sketches I finished”, you may ask? Well, because you took a positive, productive step toward revving up your creative engines this month. Perhaps your sketchbook is a little fuller, your blog has a few more posts. Maybe you killed it and did 30 sketches or more! Maybe for those who participated in PiBoIdMo or even if you didn’t, you have some great picture book ideas percolating  now or some great new ideas for a painting or some other type of super cool project. Maybe because you dipped your toe into this challenge you’ll be more toned up to jump into something even more challenging with both feet! Whatever the case may be, you did it and that is fantastic! Good for all of you!

You rock. Take a winner badge!


Now go on and enjoy the rest of your holiday season, feeling a bit more energized. Maybe you’ll take a rest from sketching every single day, maybe you’ll continue do a wee bit every day…


Maybe you’re a masochist like myself and you’ll join the HoHoDooDa (Holiday Doodle a Day) fun that December brings (starts tomorrow, or any day you can join. Of course the sooner the merrier.)

More about the third annual HoHoDooDa later today. For now congratulations SkADaMoers! You kicked November’s butt!

And thanks again to everyone who supported us and rooted us on. You guys are winners as well. Take a badge!


20 Responses to “SkADaMo Last Day!!!”

  1. eldy Says:

    That was a great month full of sketches and I enjoyed viewing each and every one. Thanks for sharing…maybe next year I’ll get off my butt and join in too.

  2. Bobbie Dacus Says:

    Thank you so much, Linda, for setting up this challenge! It really helped me to push myself to get sketches done. Even though I had to play catch-up on many days.. I made it.. and it’s a great feeling! THANK YOU!!!

  3. Leah Danczyk Says:

    Thank you so much Linda for creating this challenge! It was so much fun seeing what everyone came up with! Count me in for HoHoDooDa!

  4. I’d like to thank all the skadamoers for hanging together, and especially you, Linda, for bringing us together. I came up with a lot of new character friends this month, and met some friendly characters – hee hee!

    • sketched out Says:

      You really rocked it this year, as last year! Loved all your characters, looking forward to seeing them in picture books before too long! How can they miss?! Thanks for joining and thanks for being such a tireless cheerleader for everyone else! You’re the best, Julie!

  5. theartofpuro Says:

    It’s been a great month:) I loved to partecipate and the best of is that I saw a lot of great illustrators:) Thank you:)

  6. Jacqui Says:

    Thank you so much for this Linda. It has been great, even though sadly interrupted. I loved participating and especially being able to visit the other participants sites and see their great work. I’m sure to keep dropping by and seeing how everyone is doing. I feel like I’ve made some friends here. 🙂

  7. artseafartsea Says:

    Looked forward to your sketches every day. They made me laff! Thanks!

  8. A thousand thanks, Linda. This was JUST what I needed. I’ve been meaning to experiment a bit with style, and this was the perfect opportunity. I’m excited about pushing what I’ve learned further! And I always enjoyed seeing your delightful sketches.

  9. Thanks so much, Linda! I loved seeing people’s sketches. I missed a few days, but tried to get in 30 sketches. Some of them gave me ideas for PiBoIdMo and vice versa. Looking forward to next year!

    • That is really fantastic! So glad the sketches helped with PiBoIdMo. I found that to be true as well. Pretty cool, eh?

      • Well that was definitely the most fun I’ve ever had sketching! So much fun that some paid assignments took a back seat in my time management (gulp). It was a fantastic challenge to my quirky sense of humor and drawing skills – and your unbelievably clever characters were an inspiration! My goofy side was in much need of being pulled from the attic! Thank you Linda for gently pushing us!

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