21 day creative exercise-day 16

July 10, 2008


From the day Beatrice was a wee kit she wanted a pair of cowboy boots. After landing a job at the Burger Hutch and receiving her first paycheck, she headed over to the Boot Barn, and bought herself a pair of snazzy Tony Lamas.


20 Responses to “21 day creative exercise-day 16”

  1. wedgienet Says:

    i love your sketches. most especially this one! love the story behind it, too 🙂

    maybe i should get into that 21 day thing 🙂

  2. pegfussell Says:

    What a great exercise! I am enjoying the stories too. Great characters!

  3. Mary Beth Says:

    Those are some seriously awesome boots! The pain we will put ourselves through for a great pair of shoes!

  4. i watch your blog everyday in my blog reader – and im always laughing at the amazingly awesome illlustrations you bring day after day..but OMG this one DEMANDED a comment – that is freaking hilarious!!!!

  5. dougrogers Says:

    Funny one… hey and a very nice blog template.

    The cartoons are always very cute. I laughed at this one.

  6. artseafartsea Says:

    This one is great. Love the bunny and the expressions. And the boots are hilarious.

  7. erin Says:

    oh I needed that today! I have the same problem with boots.

  8. studio lolo Says:

    Squeeeeeeeeze into those babies!! The expressions are spot-on girly! Oh, you should do a geisha bunny with bound feet 😀 On second thought, PETA would probably close down your blog.

  9. haha, for some reason I didn’t see that coming.

  10. cata Says:

    OH!!!! this is a fashion bunny!!!

  11. Ryan Loghry Says:

    Great sketches! They have a terrific look and feel. I love the story too.

  12. ha ha and tee hee and giggle this is sooo funny, love it.

  13. Mary Says:

    Gee…and I always hoped that bunnies were smarter then women about what they put on their feet. Surely when she realizes how fat the boots make her butt look, she will get rid of them 🙂 Very, very cute.

  14. gina Says:

    arggh!! It is hurt to be beautiful they said…!

  15. chickengirl Says:

    LOL the top image is too funny…he looks so uncomfortable!!

  16. Eric Barclay Says:

    This is outstanding… love your IF entry too.

  17. Lisa Says:

    Ah, love this! I have totally been in this bunnys shoes and I hate it when that happens. Especially when it is a totally fantastic pair of shoes that are on sale besides! Fun illustration.

  18. Bambi-really Says:

    Beatrice and I have the same issues with foot-to-body ratio. I have worn boots that felt like these…

    These are great, I love her look of resignation in the last one. Ah, the sacrifices we make for fashion.

  19. Pola Says:

    Linda you are so great, i find my self laughing, oh so good, I´ll look the rest of your blog.

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