October 5, 2008

He ate a great big breakfast
of sugar coated flakes,
with toast and berry jelly
and honey covered cakes.

He washed it down with soda pop
and wiped off all the crumbs.
He smiled up at the waitress,
but all she saw were gums.


The Illustration Friday theme for this week is “Sugary.’


36 Responses to “sugary”

  1. wedgienet Says:

    hahaha, i love it! what makes it even more precious is the little poem! πŸ˜€

  2. lol! Well.. look at that sugar high face! Something tells me he could care less about his bare gums ;o)

    Adorable and funny as always.. perfect way to start my week. Thanks Linda :o)

  3. uuuugh…. that breakfast menu is enough to rot your teeth just by reading it!

    I just love your bunny character… are you writing a story about him?

  4. chickengirl Says:

    Bunny needs a good dentist, thats all. I would keep eating sugary treats πŸ™‚

  5. Excellent idea and illustration!!

  6. erin Says:

    wow, how did you know what I have for breakfast every morning! gotta love those glucose balls, I like putting sugar on mine!

  7. Love the sketch and poem, adorable!

  8. studio lolo Says:

    I was hoping Buns would make a sugary appearance!
    “…nothing but gums!!!!!” I’m on my knees!

    Where oh where is the freakin’ book? We’re all waiting for it ya know :,D

  9. Kathy Says:

    I love the expression on his face πŸ™‚ yum !

  10. Faruffa Says:

    Coniglio goloso!!!
    Delightful and fun … as you always do :o)

  11. Susan Says:

    Wow! Another entry with a rhyme! That is cool…great character…Oh, just as well we can’t see ourselves as others see us. He is lovely, though.

  12. emily Says:

    Nooo! What’s a bunny without his chompers! hihi…giggled myself silly!

  13. Eric Barclay Says:

    Your work always amazes me. This is so appealing and clever– just wonderful!

  14. bobo Says:

    Maybe our sweet bunny could start wishing for his two front teeth for christmas! ^o^

  15. Indigene Says:

    Cool illustration and I really like the composition of the entire piece!

  16. HA! This made me laugh out loud, his expression is priceless! Love the details you added. This is a great illustration πŸ™‚

  17. Ratlion Says:

    Now this one definitely needs to be in a book! I’m grinning my head off here, but I know I’m going to think of that toothless grin the next time I overindulge on sugary food.


    You know, your kitty is my absolute favourite amongst all your characters so far, but this bunny (oh, and the seriously cute Alpaca from the last post) now comes close second.



  18. conniemartin Says:

    Priceless, as always. I know a few people who, even in this day of Granola, still have breakfasts like this!

  19. adorable honey-bunny πŸ™‚

  20. soulbrush Says:

    ha ha he’s got a sweet tooth like me…who needs teeth, let’s have sweets!

  21. artseafartsea Says:

    That is hysterical. We would all like to eat that stuff but the results are not too pretty eh? Great drawing and idea.

  22. Artboom Says:

    Great rabbit!!!!! πŸ˜€ i like

  23. and was there a surprise toy inside his cereal box?
    i love your illustration : )


  24. Monica Says:

    Now look at that happy face! This bunny will be wired for days! πŸ™‚

  25. sophie philo Says:

    very sweet!!!! πŸ™‚

  26. theartofpuro Says:

    thank you very much for the comment,I’ll colour it for the end of the week

    You illo is great,love bunnies and this one is so cute
    saw your blog ,it’s great

  27. cata Says:

    oh! oh! I think we have to call the dentist sooner or later heheheh!
    Bellissimo as always.

  28. Heeeheeeheeeheee! Oh, this is hysterical. Love that crazed look in his eye. And the poem! Man, is anyone else craving a glass of water right about now?

  29. Pickledog Says:

    Super fun rhyme, and illustration! He’s got the crazy eyes, all hopped up on five kinds of sugar! Who could blame him though? The food does look very tasty.

  30. This is the best thing I have seen in along time. Great , so much fun. Maybe it’s just the sugar!!!!!

  31. kathyhare Says:

    brilliant, there’s something hilarious about a happy gummy bunny!

  32. Mary Says:

    Oh dear! Are you going to hand that one out at dentist offices? He’s so cute everyone would just go ahead and eat the sugar anyway πŸ™‚

  33. Kate Says:

    You….are a NUT! You crack me up all the time with your talent. I saw you celebrated your bloggy birthday last month…congrats! Life without you is so plain boring. I am glad you started this blog a year ago and that you share your humor and talent with so many of us out here who love your work.

  34. Gaia Says:

    This is hilarious!! :DD
    I LOVE the look on his face…it’s too funny… hubby is saying it’s too late to laugh so loud! You are a GENIUS!

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