21 day creative exercise-day 2

June 24, 2008

While I was busily sketching away at lunch today, this little yoyo dude appeared. Then he started running around and laughing his fool head off. He could use a little more consistency to his look, but hey, it’s a start!


11 Responses to “21 day creative exercise-day 2”

  1. AaronP Says:

    Straight up, I saw this this exercise as a bit of a look to see what was going on in ones head….. Bit too much going on in yer life Linda????? Haha

    Great drawing as always, the sketchier the better. I’ve just finished my day one. I’ll it tonight.
    Take care, Aaron.

  2. Mary Says:

    I like your yo-yo dude 🙂 He’d love the yo-yo flamingo in Fantasia 2000.

  3. Very cute Linda! I love his ears sticking out like that.. he is adorable :o)

  4. I love his full extension of joy!
    That right there, is what makes your pictures pop!

  5. Bobo's slave Says:

    LOL, I’m infected!

  6. artseafartsea Says:

    Love it. U certainly captured the kid. Great sketching.

  7. Marty-Crouz Says:

    J’adore quand il rigole !
    I love when he’s laughing !

  8. antown Says:

    nice illustration. saya suka goresannya

  9. pupu Says:

    Ohh this is a good creative exercise. I like when the boy is laughing. Its cute!

  10. Vicki Says:

    Darling. Careful not to trip over those shoelaces little dude . . .

  11. studio lolo Says:

    Do you realize you can call out to Yo-Yo dude just by saying yo-yo dude?
    Yo! Yo! Duuuude!


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