winter olympic perspective

February 27, 2010

FIGURE SKATING MOMENTS… from a bunny perspective

My blogging buddy, the über-talented, Gaia Bordicchia mentioned she was looking for my Olympic bunnies (here, here and here) this winter, of which there were none… up until this point. I’d like to thank her for inspiring me to gather up the bunnies for some Winter Olympic action… if not a wee bit late in the game.

These guys are a bit rough, but I’ll be getting more finished up in the not-too-distant future.

19 Responses to “winter olympic perspective”

  1. Jen Says:

    That bunny skates better than me, that’s for sure. Love em!

  2. Very fun and expressive!

  3. Vicki Says:

    The feet and ears. Love it.

  4. Are you working on a picture book yet?

  5. gigi Says:

    This is just too cute for words :O) I love the expression and movement.

  6. Indigene Says:

    These little bunnies are amazing! 🙂 They put a big smile on my face when I stopped by! Bravo!

  7. Kelly Medina Says:

    These are awesome! I love the twirling ears one.

    I would sooo watch Bunny Olympics like this. Awesome!

  8. kevbrett Says:

    Lol. Very cool. Love the expression on the jumping (technical term) rabbit.

  9. Jaky Astik Says:

    That’s so so beautiful. Love it.

  10. Gaia Says:

    OOh my!! I just found your mention on twitter!! Haa… hum… I mentioned figure skating one too many times there, I’m afraid.. 😀
    Thanks you so much, you made my day with this! They are hilarious and adorable at the same time. My fav is obviously the “pirouetting” one… look at those ears!
    I’m still waiting to see them in a book, I know it would be such a huge hit and I’ll be asking for a signed copy!

  11. theartofpuro Says:

    Wonderful sketches!And also the other olimpic sketches are awesome!

  12. Loni Edwards Says:

    Your bunnies are adorable! Love it!

  13. elizabeth Says:

    The bunny’s a natural!

  14. erin Says:

    ah, the age old question, does glitter count as sports gear?

  15. artseafartsea Says:

    Cute as bunnies of course.

  16. Always have loved that super talented rabbit of yours Linda! Go go Bunny!

  17. jack foster Says:

    Hey Linda, These bunnies are terrific. I love the action and the poses> You are an amazing talent!

  18. […] The sketches she was born from. […]

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