June 15, 2008


Knock knock!

Who’s there?


Orange who?

Orange you glad you had that caricature of Sandra Bernhard you did years ago, as a spot illustration for the Arts & Culture section of the Ventura County Reporter, so you could post it and wriggle out of drawing one more day?

Heee heee, ho ho ho, har har…

ok, so that wasn’t a very funny punchline. I’m going to bed now. Good night!


10 Responses to “punchline”

  1. dot Says:

    Great caricature!

  2. Faruffa Says:

    Ciao Linda,
    this is great, she is UGUALE!!!

  3. studio lolo Says:

    Aaaaaah hahahahahahahaha!! Great characature Sketcharoo!

    Without you I’m nothing.


  4. Smooth move on this one!

    Missing ya!

  5. So so good that I knew immediately who she was before I scrolled down.

  6. Hahahahah I thought it was funny!! Awesome caricature Linda!

    BTW, love Tom’s photos of the Pembroke welsh corgis… so cuuuute!

  7. conniemartin Says:

    Fabulous drawing; this is much more fun than babies, isn’t it!

  8. valgalart Says:

    I recognized her right away,great job! I worked with an artist years ago named John Boskovich and he wrote a lot of her material and her shows. Amazing talents both, he died last year. His father was the Onion or Garlic king of the San Fernando Valley back in the day.

  9. artseafartsea Says:

    Nice one.

  10. studio lolo Says:

    You do know that reference “without you I’m nothing” right? I swear I wasn’t coming on to you ;P

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